Elephant Watch Hut Habarana

Rustic luxury in elephant territory!

An eco solidarity & social enterprise project.

Our Story / Inspiration / History /Friendly Visitors/Shoe Café/Wabi Sabi Concept:



Watch Hut 104: An abandoned slash and burn farming family's home. Explore wildlife and enjoy a peaceful escape from city life. Experience elephant watching from the comforts of our Elephant Watch Hut, part of our eco solidarity project 'Botakanda', and make a lasting impact on the local farming community.



A thirsty young boy in the forest finds water with the help of a wild elephant. We build water ponds for wild elephants to quench their thirst and support the local community. Make a difference today! Our service provides immediate relief and peace of mind to those in need.



"Botakanda Inspiration is a unique eco-friendly tourism concept that integrates high tech, low tech and no tech solutions, with local villagers as stakeholders. Experience a sustainable vacation with ethical values!" 'Botakanda' means Wild Elephant in Native Language.



Elephant Watch Hut offers unique animal encounters to explore nature. Enjoy watching peacocks fly, tailor birds removing threads from Bamboo blinds, giant squirrels rob face towels, & monkeys snatch sugar bottles. Get close to nature & discover the inventive wildlife, all from the comfort of your own watch Hut.



At Shoe Cafe Grill Elephant Watch Hut, every pot of coffee served sponsors a pair of tennis shoes for a needy child to attend school. Enjoy our Sri Lankan coffee.Merklin's model train serves as a reminder to protect wild baby elephants from getting injured by local trains tooting in the night to chase them away from railway tracks. Protect Pachyderms and enjoy a lovely model train!



Although WABI SABI can be hard to define, we can translate its simplified meaning to “rustic simplicity” Enjoy rustic simplicity with our sustainable outdoor living services: furniture, BBQ, showers, & more crafted to blend in with nature & during windy days Pollen covered deck ponds create a tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy!


Lifestyles for Better.

Our service helps improve people's living conditions with financial support, house renovation, and tourism training. We help people live better and smarter!  



We help build bridges of confidence between individuals & families from villages nearby us, offering a unique service at Elephant Watch Hut. Benefits: meaningful connection, support & learning.



Unlock the knowledge of local villagers to explore nature, culture, traditions, & local craftsmanship. Experience life in a new way!



Outsourcing our business to low-income families to make a difference in their lives while receiving quality services like meals, laundry, transport & activities.



"Our service provides eco-friendly solar power lighting for watch huts with minimum brightness, LPG for hot water showers, and zero disturbance to wildlife. Enjoy energy savings and eco-responsibility today!"



"Don't let language barriers get in the way of communication. Out team use google translator to bridge the divide and communicate effectively."



A service dedicated to empowering local communities to become independent suppliers to Elephant Watch Hut, while preserving their culture & nature.

Community based initiation activities offered for online booking guests only. 

Before Breakfast

Sunrise Yoga

We provide only mats and no lessons!


Teak log beds. Teak wooden floor. Coconut fiber and natural rubber mattresses. Solar power lighting system. Outdoor relaxing pond deck View deck. Attached bathroom with toilet & shower. Relaxing deck pond: Release the used deck relaxing deck pond water outlet to have a refreshing outdoor morning shower to reduce water wastage.


01 x Dining Table with 04 Chairs for breakfast or dinner. 01 x Coffee Table with books about birds and wild animals by Professor Kotagama. 01 x Cool box. 01 x Relaxing camping bed. 01 x Charcoal Ironing Facility. 01 x Hot water hand shower – LPG Gas powered. 01 x Outdoor waterhole for guests and wild elephants. 01 x Outdoor bon fire.


02 x Umbrellas. 02 x Torches x 02. 02 x Water bottle bag. 01 x Mini Speaker. 01 x Solar powered reading lamp. 01 x Purse & passport holder. 02 x Yoga mats. 01 x Dustbin. 01 x Bin for clothes to be washed. 02 x Ear plugs – Use in case of night trains horning or sounds of nature. 01 x First aid kit box. 01 x Safe - inside the bathroom with a new padlock and set of keys.


Our 2 ft deep outdoor ponds provide a refreshing retreat during the day and a magical spot on the deck to stargaze or listen to the sounds of wildlife in the evening or night. Indulge in nature's wonders with our versatile and serene deck ponds. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Deck Ponds!


Bed sheets in a lovely pink color. The pink color represents the depigmentation spots of the Elephant, creating a unique and whimsical design. The green bed cover symbolises the lush greenery and living environment of wild animals. Our Pittu bamboo lamp shades. These lamp shades are not only beautifully handcrafted, but they also serve a practical purpose of steaming rice flour with coconut for a traditional breakfast. Baggage rack: Used by farmers to sit and chat. Bottom part is a shoe rack. Mineral water storage bag etc etc...


Any food remaining after serving to the guests and together with the extra meals ordered our staff put separately into tiffin carriers and are sent to different families with children who are in need,' we believe that every meal should count. Instead of letting excess food go to waste, we distribute it to families with children facing food insecurity. Through our service, we promote a sustainable approach to food consumption while making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Watch Huts

Watch Hut 101


Watch Hut 101

Living Area

Watch Hut 102


Watch Hut 102

Wild Romance

Watch Hut 103



"Savory Grill Chicken, succulent Wild Prawns, or delicate Fish. Enjoy delicious food with fast, easy booking."


We offer a personalized dining experience. Traditional Sri Lankan breakfast or Continental. Dinner is served with Rice & curry which also includes a Bar be cue. Enjoy a unique experience tailored to your taste!


Enjoy the warmth and fun of a bonfire with friends and family in the great outdoors! A perfect way to create lasting memories.


Jungle Style: Enjoy mouth-watering BBQ with our unique jungle-style grilling service. Try something new and tantalize your taste buds!


Dinning Area

Meals Prepared 3 Village Families

Rice & Curry by


Local Breakfast - String Hoppers

Sumana Akka

Sunset Speciality

Grilled Prawns!

Caught Wild Brought Fresh

Akila 'Kurkula'

Supervisor - Maintenance & Housekeeping 101 &102


Restaurant & Kitchen

Ran Banda "Waelaya"

Painter & Helper

Hemantha - "Umbaha"

Tuk Tuk Expert

Indika "Seethalaya"

Cordinator : MTB BIking " Habarana Colors"

Lokka "Ataya"

Cordinator: Village Walk

Lasa "Mr Cool"

Cordinator: Traditional Fishing


Cordinator: MTB Village Biking

Weather, Season & Temperature

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate & experiences two sets of monsoons, the weather is a bit on the humid side.

Maximum rainfall in the months of May, October and November. During the rainy season it can be very cold in the night. Blankets are provided in the Watch Huts.

The average temperature ranges between 29 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius here.

Watch Hut is Not a Zoo.

Karandagas Wewa has a a gorgeous lake surrounded by a forest where wild elephants roam. Evening horn bills can be spotted.

Wild animals like peacocks & monkey can be seeing along the way. With a bit of luck, wild elephants do visit us frequently but not everyday  to feed on fresh grass or passing through.

Do not try to go alone to discover the surrounding landscape  without our team members. Listen to them!.

Promotion sponsored by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority - SLTDA Buddy also has won the Presidential award in 2007 as the best National Tour Guide.

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