History/Our Story /Botakanda Concept/Friendly Visitors/Shoe Café/Room - Interior Décor:


‘Botakanda’ Inspiration

‘Botakanda Inspiration’ is a Tourism Accommodation Concept ethics includes the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for tourism partnership projects with local villagers as stake holders & integrated with High Tech, Low Tech and No Tech. ‘ Botakanda means 'elephant’ in aboriginal language.


Our Story

A thirsty young boy wandering in the forest fetching for water tries to dig a hole with a stick. A wild elephant noticed this incident approached him and with its trunk dug further until the water gushed out. Since that day this boy until he lived built a pond for elephants to quench their thirst. Elephant Watch Hut continues this legend by building water ponds for Wild elephants and supporting the villagers living around who are the decedents of the young boy.



The watch hut 104 was originally occupied by a slash and burn farming family for a long time. Unfortunately due to wild elephants in the vicinity destroying their crops the family left the area. This hut was transformed to Elephant Watch Hut through our eco solidarity project 'Botakanda' based on the dream of this family.


Friendly Visitors

Wild Elephants: When no water is available on the ponds they will crack the main pipe line. Pushing things around specially the heavy concrete benches on the common area. Peacocks: Taking heavy flights from tree to land on watch hut roof. Birds: Tailor Bird Removing the thread from the bamboo blinds. Squirrels: Chipping away the bamboo blinds. Giant Squirrels: Robbing face towels for no reason. Monkey: Always trying to snatch sugar bottles away.


Shoe Café & 'Merklin Train'

For each pot of coffee served at the shoe cafe grill elephant watch hut will sponsor a pair of tennis shoes for a needy child to attend the school. Our Sri Lankan coffee from 3 different regions at the cafe served is percolated. Model Train: Sometimes train engine toot their horns in the night to chase away wild baby elephants from the track, as a reminder to protect these Pachyderms a model train from Merklin is displayed .