Teak log beds. Teak wooden floor. Coconut fiber and natural rubber mattresses. Solar power lighting system. Outdoor relaxing pond deck View deck. Attached bathroom with toilet & shower. Relaxing deck pond: Release the used deck relaxing deck pond water outlet to have a refreshing outdoor morning shower to reduce water wastage.



02 x Umbrellas. 02 x Torches x 02. 02 x Water bottle bag. 01 x Mini Speaker. 01 x Solar powered reading lamp. 01 x Purse & passport holder. 02 x Yoga mats. 01 x Dustbin. 01 x Bin for clothes to be washed. 02 x Ear plugs – Use in case of night trains horning or sounds of nature. 01 x First aid kit box. 01 x Safe - inside the bathroom with a new padlock and set of keys.


Living Area:

01 x Dining Table with 04 Chairs for breakfast or dinner. 01 x Coffee Table with books about birds and wild animals by Professor Kotagama. 01 x Cool box. 01 x Relaxing camping bed. 01 x Charcoal Ironing Facility. 01 x Hot water hand shower – LPG Gas powered. 01 x Outdoor waterhole for guests and wild elephants. 01 x Outdoor bon fire.


Interior Décor - Ideas

Bed sheets: Pink color - Represents the depigmentation spots of the Elephant. Bed cover: Green - Nature and living environment of the wild animals. Pittu bamboo: Lamp shades - To steam rice flour with coconut for breakfast. Mouse trap: Pouch holder – elephants are scared of the mouse. Umbrellas holder : Railway line repairmen to store the flags. Baggage rack: Used by farmers to sit and chat. Bottom part is a shoe rack. Mineral water storage bag etc etc...