Teak log beds. Teak wooden floor. Coconut fiber and natural rubber mattresses. Solar power lighting system. Outdoor relaxing pond deck View deck. Attached bathroom with toilet & shower. Relaxing deck pond: Release the used deck relaxing deck pond water outlet to have a refreshing outdoor morning shower to reduce water wastage.


01 x Dining Table with 04 Chairs for breakfast or dinner. 01 x Coffee Table with books about birds and wild animals by Professor Kotagama. 01 x Cool box. 01 x Relaxing camping bed. 01 x Charcoal Ironing Facility. 01 x Hot water hand shower – LPG Gas powered. 01 x Outdoor waterhole for guests and wild elephants. 01 x Outdoor bon fire.


02 x Umbrellas. 02 x Torches x 02. 02 x Water bottle bag. 01 x Mini Speaker. 01 x Solar powered reading lamp. 01 x Purse & passport holder. 02 x Yoga mats. 01 x Dustbin. 01 x Bin for clothes to be washed. 02 x Ear plugs – Use in case of night trains horning or sounds of nature. 01 x First aid kit box. 01 x Safe - inside the bathroom with a new padlock and set of keys.


Our 2 ft deep outdoor ponds provide a refreshing retreat during the day and a magical spot on the deck to stargaze or listen to the sounds of wildlife in the evening or night. Indulge in nature's wonders with our versatile and serene deck ponds. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Deck Ponds!


Bed sheets in a lovely pink color. The pink color represents the depigmentation spots of the Elephant, creating a unique and whimsical design. The green bed cover symbolises the lush greenery and living environment of wild animals. Our Pittu bamboo lamp shades. These lamp shades are not only beautifully handcrafted, but they also serve a practical purpose of steaming rice flour with coconut for a traditional breakfast. Baggage rack: Used by farmers to sit and chat. Bottom part is a shoe rack. Mineral water storage bag etc etc...


Any food remaining after serving to the guests and together with the extra meals ordered our staff put separately into tiffin carriers and are sent to different families with children who are in need,' we believe that every meal should count. Instead of letting excess food go to waste, we distribute it to families with children facing food insecurity. Through our service, we promote a sustainable approach to food consumption while making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.